Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blessing Day!

Brooklynn was blessed by her dad on Feb. 15. My mom made the dress in about 2 days and it turned out so perfect! She couldn't come for the blessing but it was really special to have a dress made by her for Brooklynn. We'll pass it on for each of our future daughters. It was a really great day. Brooklynn woke up early in a really good mood and just seemed excited. I think she knew it was a special day. Russell's parents came from Maryland so that was great too! Russell gave her a really sweet blessing and it was just an overall great day.


  1. It is a beautiful dress! I wish Kathryn and Doyle could have made it to the blessing. I know they wanted to.

  2. I agree with Grandma Duffy- BEAUTIFUL dress! Where did you guys get it?