Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funny story: On Saturday I was out and while I was gone, Russell decided it would be a good time to give Brookie a haircut. Apparently he had her in the high chair and when he started to cut her hair, she started freaking out. She was wiggling her head around and crying so he had to improvise. He just pulled her hair up straight in the air and cut. When I came home Brookie was asleep. He didn't say anything about the experience. When she woke up I looked at her and said "what happened to your hair?!" That's when he confessed... I have been teasing him constantly since =). Pretty good stuff! Haha! She's lucky she's just a baby and I'm lucky her hair grows fast!

On Monday for Family Night we went to the park and raked leaves, then jumped in them! Brookie loves leaves so this was a perfect activity=). It was really fun playing in the leaves together and it was a good thing we played outside because it was freezing on Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brookie's arrival marked 5 generations on my mom's side! Here is the 5 generation picture- pretty amazing!

Crawling baby!!

Brookie is almost 10 months and is a little crawler. She only weighs 14.5 lbs so she is still little, so it looks so funny to see her crawl. She looks like a little bear cub =). She is so much fun and is all about exploring everything she can. She also loves to pull herself up on furniture and I always find her peeping over the edge of her crib when she doesn't wanna take a nap =). Man, being a mom is the best! Oh, her hair is also super long now as you can tell from the pigtail picture!! I had to do it!