Saturday, September 18, 2010


So I obviously haven't posted anything in a really long time, so I guess it's time for an update. This picture is of Russell on his first day of SCHOOL! I made him take a first day of school picture- I guess it's the mom in me. It was an interesting chain of events, but basically he was taken off the waiting list for the BYU MPA program on about Aug.1 and school started Aug.31. It is crazy how much our plans have changed in the past few weeks, but we're excited to be on our way with this new adventure. Russell is loving school and it's going well. He's not working so it is nice to actually get to see him and to have some balance in our life.

The second big change in our little family, is that we're having another baby in February!! We both thought that it would be a boy, but we were wrong! We're having another girl and are so excited about it. It will be such a blast to have two girls in a row! We haven't decided on a name yet which is really weird for us because with Brooklynn we knew her name right away. Each pregnancy is different I guess!

I could write for hours about everything Brookie is doing and all the cute stories, but for now I'll just give a little update on how she's doing. She is so much fun and just loves life! She is talking like crazy and is always asking me questions and showing me things out the window while we drive. We took her to the farm at Thanksgiving Point and she absolutely loved it! She loves farm animals so she was in heaven. She loved riding the ponies =). She is my little adventure girl- she makes everything so fun. She's excited about being a big sister and always kisses my tummy and says "hi" to the "mimi" (her word for baby). She's so sweet and affectionate and is always hugging and kissing us. She also loves Jesus and the temple. The third picture of her is at the temple a few weeks ago. There are some fountains there that she loves and while we were sitting by one and she was puting her hand in, she fell in! It was hallarious- she was completely soaked. I felt kind of bad since were on temple grounds, but it was really entertaining! She's still really little- she's still not quite 20 pounds!! Needless to say I am trying to fatten her up. She had heavy whipping cream on her cereal today, plus peaches and cream this morning =) What a life! I love being a mom so much! I can't imagine how I'll stand having two cute little girls! I feel like I'll burst already so hopefully I can handle all the love =)