Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Headband

Before Brooklynn was born I made some head bands for her with detachable bows and flowers so that we can mix and match. Well, her head is really small compared with the bows and flowers I made. My friend Mindy got married on Jan. 3 and we went to her reception so of course I had to get Brooklynn dressed up. The only matching headband had a huge flower almost the size of her head. Russell couldn't believe it, but I had to put it on her. It was so cute and funny. Russell kept joking that she was going to have back problems for the rest of her life because of the weight of it. I swore I'd never put massive bows on my children, but I just couldn't resist. I'll admit it was pretty rediculous but she makes anything cute so it's ok.


  1. I am crazy about the flower! There's nothing ridiculous about it. She's absolutely adorable, Ash! Yeah motherhood!

  2. Ben won't let me put our headband with the big flower on Maddy...he agrees with Russell...but I think it's darling!